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Rules, rules and more rules

Golf as a sport has a reputation for a pedantic approach to rules, but hardly a week goes by without another headline about a VAR ruling and John McEnroe was famously frustrated by the decision of the line judges in his tennis matches prior to the introduction of Hawk-eye; so other sports have their own issues. I’ve lost a golf match because I wasn’t sure about a ruling and was in the embarrassing position of getting a new rule wrong last summer – it didn’t make any difference to the outcome of the match, but it was unfortunate.

For those who were unable to attend the excellent talk by Nigel Duda at the Member’s evening, I have asked for the slides and at the risk of causing some heated debate will share both the questions and answers. I got quite a few wrong and some of the questions involved our local rules. One comment Nigel made which I took on board is that some clubs have local rules which are appropriate to us, so maybe we should look at our offering.

To avoid embarrassment and potential heated debate, a basic knowledge of the rules is important, failing that, an up to date rule book is useful. For those who just want to play social golf with mulligan’s and some help from the Portuguese Caddy then carry on with your own guidelines.

The questions and answers below needed some interpretation.........


Questions with Answers


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